The next presentation at the Delaware Military Museum will be on Saturday, July 9 at 1PM by Tom Welch.

                           "A CIVIL WAR BAND OF BROTHERS"

Tom Welch will tell the story of four men who spent almost all of their time in service together in the First Regiment, Delaware Volunteers. When doing research Tom noticed that the same four names began to appear together on the muster rolls and some of the reports by commanders. When he discovered that three of the men had written books about their experiences and the books were all in the Delaware Public Archives, he was quite excited at the research bonanza that this provided.  As he read the 3 books, he found very poignant that they wrote about each other quite fondly and full of praise for the dedication and sense of duty of each of the others. These four men served most of the Civil War together and became more than comrades in arms. They seemed to represent the very best in the American military, including love of country, commitment to the task, and an unusual dedication to the troops. 


Tom has been an historical interpreter at the Old State House in Dover since 2007 following two careers in education and as a financial advisor. Having majored in history and having taught civics, he was especially pleased to find a retirement job that so matched up with his interests. In his current role he has been very involved in researching and writing about historical figures and events, especially from the Revolutionary War.


The last presentation was on Saturday, June 11. Kay Keenan's presentation of the history of Fort Delaware can be seen on the Delaware Military Museum Facebook.

The Delaware Military Museum is located on First Regiment Road, Wilmington. Unless otherwise announced, the lecture series is presented on the second Saturday of the month. The Museum will be open to the public at 12:00 on the day of the lecture with the lecture starting at 1PM. On Monday's and Wednesday's  the Museum is open from 10 AM to Noon.



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