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September 9th Lecture

The Delaware Military Heritage and Education Foundation/Delaware Military Museum is proud to host another installment of the William H. Duncan Memorial Lecture Series. This month's topic is the George Washington Witness Tree of Delaware and the tree's history/preservation. The museum opens at 12PM and the lecture begins at 1PM.

Come see the Director of the Delaware Military Heritage and Education Foundation (that's our museum), Historian Joshua Peter Loper give a presentation on the George Washington Witness Tree of Delaware. Mr. Loper is also the Executive Director of the George Washington Witness Tree of Delaware Museum. It is our state's newest museum and the only museum in the world dedicated to a single tree. This over 300-year-old (possibly over 500) tree witnessed one of the most important decisions in the entire American Revolution, which led to the biggest battle of that eight-year struggle.

Mr. Loper is a published author, historian, and historical preservationist. He has been working in the educational, historical, and museum fields since 1998. He has also personally devised and carried out many historical preservation projects. A few of these include the Bell of the USS Wilmington, Ship's Cannon from the USS Delaware, and the George Washington Witness Tree of Delaware.

We hope to see you at the presentation!

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26 aug. 2023

This is a really cool Delaware topic. I had no idea this tree even existed. This is a really neat gem of our state. I can't wait for the lecture!

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